Monopteros Munich – Magnificent view of the city

Monopteros Munich – it is located in the southern part of the English Garden on a small hill and is one of the most striking landmarks. It offers a wonderful view of the greenery and the sunbathing lawn or party meadow on the Eisbach and Schwabinger Bach. The view of the city skyline, for example of the Frauenkirche on Marienplatz and the Theatinerkirche on Odeonsplatz, is also magnificent.

Monopteros view in the English Garden Munich
View of the Monopteros in the English Garden in Munich

Monopteros Munich – the perfect backdrop for wedding photos

A monopteros is a round building with columns, without a closed interior. In the Classicist and Baroque periods, monoperties were often built in English or French gardens.

The Monopteros in Munich has 10 columns. It is richly decorated and has a beautiful domed roof. King Ludwig had it built in honor of Elector Karl Theodor. The project was decided in 1831, but the building was not completed until 1936/37.

View of the center column in the middle
View of the center column

The Monopteros is not only beautiful to look at, it also serves as a popular photo backdrop for romantic wedding pictures for many newlyweds.

Designed by Leo von Klenze

Designed by Leo von Klenze and built from Kehlheim limestone: beautifully painted in shades of red, green and gold, the sight of the Monopteros still delights many visitors today. But few people know this: The building stands on a 15-metre-high brick base, which was heaped up with earth to form a hill. Leo von Klenze was also court architect and responsible for the design of Königsplatz, Glyptothek, Alte Pinakothek and Residenz. Incidentally, the Monopteros was completely renovated in 2016 and the façade and dome were repaired.

The monopteros dome in Munich's English Garden
The monopteros dome in Munich’s English Garden

Monopteros Munich with a magnificent view

From the Monopteros you have a wonderful view of the southern English Garden as well as the Frauenkirche and the silhouette of Munich’s city center. It is one of the park’s landmarks and is a popular meeting place. At its feet are the two large sunbathing lawns of the English Garden, in winter its hill serves as a toboggan hill for small children and the Chinese Tower is in the immediate vicinity.

Beautiful Monopteros view of the Frauenkirche and the Theathinerkirche
Beautiful Monopteros view of the Frauenkirche on Marienplatz and the Theatinerkirche on Odeonsplatz

The Stone Bench in the English Garden

Just behind the Monopteros and by the bridge to the Chinese Trum is the Stone Bench. The semicircular stone bench invites you to rest and was designed by Leo von Klenze in 1838. The inscription reads: “Here where you wallet there was otherwise only forest and swamp”.

Stone bench in the English Garden
Stone bench in the English Garden


King Ludwig would certainly never have thought it conceivable that this area of the garden would be used for nudism. At the beginning of the 60s, it was considered scandalous for hippies to let their clothes down here. Today, almost nobody notices. On the one hand, there are actually far fewer followers now, and on the other, most people simply ignore it.

A little tip for lovers: Discovering the Monopteros view in the early evening is great. Watch the sunset from there. It’s romantic and very popular with the city’s couples!

Monopteros Munich – how to get there:

Accessible by U3/U4/U5/U6 Odeonsplatz or Universität, streetcar 18, bus 54/154. The Monopteros in Munich’s English Garden is located between Tempelbergstrasse and Carl-Theodor-Strasse.)

You can find more information on the Wikipedia website.

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