Restaurant St. Emmerams Mühle

Info from 5.12.2023: Emmerams Mühle is unfortunately closed at the moment. A new landlord is being sought.


The historic St. Emmeramsmühle is located in Oberföhring, right on the northern edge of the English Garden. When you leave the English Garden over the bridge to Spervogelstraße, you will come directly to it. The so-called “St. Emmeramsbrücke” is nearby.

Nice cozy restaurant with the best Bavarian cuisine

The Emmeramsmühle has a very nice beer garden under old chestnut trees and nice parlors with a fireplace inside. The cuisine is upscale Bavarian with selected, high-quality ingredients.

View into the dining room of the St. Emmeramsmühle restaurant in Munich's English Garden
Restaurant dining room

Picnic equipment for hire

For a fee, you can hire picnic equipment including a ladder trolley, food basket and blanket and feast in the English Garden. The equipment must be ordered in advance. From Monday to Friday, you can pick up the trolley and off you go into the beautiful greenery of the English Garden. The picnic is available for 2 – 10 people. Please enquire about costs on site, but one thing is certain: you will be spoiled!

Restaurant and pub St. Emmeramsmühle at the English Garden Munich
Restaurant and pub St. Emmeramsmühle at the English Garden Munich

The St. Emmeramsmühle is family and child-friendly and accessible for people with disabilities. Terrace, playground and parking spaces are available. The mill offers various rooms and a festive, dignified setting for weddings and birthdays.

The story:

The property of this old restaurant is located on Römerstraße. 2000 years ago, it connected Augsburg with the salt mines in the Salzkammergut. The building was first mentioned in the 14th century, writes the St. Emmeramsmühle on its website.

View of the chapel right next to St. Emmeramsmühle in Munich's English Garden
Chapel right next to St. Emmeramsmühle in Munich’s English Garden

Accessible by bus 188/189/50/332, streetcar 36 or directly on foot through the English Garden. Bavarian cuisine is on offer.

Anyone interested in the history of the mill can find more information on the Nord-Ost-Kultur website.

Nearby: Oberföhring weir, Isar Munich