Overview of kiosks in the English Garden

Here you will find an overview of the kiosks in the English Garden. You don’t have to go straight to the beer garden for snacks and drinks – there are also a number of nice little kiosks in the English Garden to quench your thirst. Usually with tables and chairs or at least high tables.

What do the kiosks offer: in addition to the classic currywurst with chips, home-made salads and delicious soups, we also offer vegetarian sausages, coffee and cake, drinks and daily specials.

Tip: Most kiosks can be hired for celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, party, company party or WoWeitragansehenrkshop. The special feature: individual wishes are often met with a great deal of flexibility. For example, a party with your own barbecue team or special menus. Here you can experience many surprises and contribute your ideas.

Overview Kiosks English Garden in the southern part:

The Milchhäusl – the organic kiosk

You will come across the Milchhäusl when you walk from the university along Veterinärstraße into the English Garden.

Milchhäusl English Garden Munich
Summer feasting in the Milchhäusl English Garden Munich

Miss Grüneis

You will find Fräulein Grüneis between Eisbachwelle and Lerchenfeldstraße at the beginning of the south/east section.

Kiosk English Garden
Miss Grüneis near the Eisbach surfer

Kiosk at the Chinese Tower

It is often overlooked, but it is located directly opposite the Chinese Tower.

Kiosk at the Chinese Tower
Kiosk at the Chinese Tower

Kiosk at the Kleinhesseloher See inlet

On the way from Kleinhesseloher See to Seehaus you pass the kiosk at the lake inlet.

Kiosk at the lake inlet near Seehaus München and Kleinhesseloher See
Kiosk at the lake inlet near Seehaus München and Kleinhesseloher See


Kiosks English Garden – northern section

Tivoli Pavilion

The kiosk is located diagonally opposite the Hirschau beer garden

Kiosk Tivoli Pavilion
Kiosk Tivoli Pavilion

Mini Hofbräuhaus

The Mini-Hofbräuhaus is a popular meeting place for dog owners and is located behind the small settlement and near the transformer station

Kiosk at the Minihofbräuhaus
Kiosk at the Minihofbräuhaus

More kiosks around the English Garden

Kiosk Münchener Freiheit

The kiosk at Münchner Freiheit is open almost 24 hours a day. It is located right next to the bus stop.

Kiosk Münchner Freiheit
Kiosk at the Münchner Freiheit

Kiosk Fräulein Müller – more than “just” a kiosk

Fräulein Müller is very popular with the people of Schwabing and is more than just a kiosk. It is located on the way to the English Garden on the corner of Gunzenrainerstraße and Mandlstraße.

Café in the kiosk on the way to the English Garden
Small terrace at Fräulein Müller

Snack bar “Alles Wurscht”

“Alles Wurscht” is not a kiosk in that sense, but a really nice snack bar on the way to the English Garden (Nikolaiplatz 3). The name says it all, but the sausages are available in all variations, including vegetarian. In addition to the classic currywurst with chips, homemade salads or delicious soups, coffee & cake, drinks and daily changing dishes of the day are also on offer.

Snack Alles Wurscht Munich

Imbiss Alles Wurscht MunichThe surprise is the nice cozy courtyard. Here you can enjoy your snack in peace and quiet. Further information on the website.

Inner courtyard snack bar Alles Wurscht Munich
Beautiful inner courtyard “Imbiss Alles Wurscht”

If you are feeling peckish, you will find a list of beer gardens and an overview of restaurants in and around the English Garden.

Tip: If you are traveling in another part of the city and are looking for a nice kiosk, you will find it on the “Mit Vergnügen” website. Stefanie Witterauf has discovered the 11 most beautiful kiosks in Munich for you.