E-Scouter Munich and riding in the English Garden – is that allowed?

E-Scouter Munich and the English Garden – the new fun way to get around in an environmentally friendly way.

It sounds tempting: whizz through the English Garden with the E-Scouter, quickly reach the top sights such as the Montopteros or the Chinese Tower and then return at a leisurely pace.

Or take a look at the places you don’t normally see, like the Oberföhring weir in the northern section. The Aumeister, which is located in the far north, is not even that easy to reach on foot. A ride on the E-Scouter is a good idea.

e-Scouter Munich and in the English Garden
e-scooters are not permitted in the English Garden.

General ban on motor vehicles – and that includes e-scooters

But: there is a general ban on motor vehicles in the English Garden and this includes e-scooters. The garden statutes and the landscape protection regulations do not permit this.

Risk of accidents with e-scooters is too high

However, you have to admit that jetting around with the E-Scouter, especially in fine and very fine weather, has already got a bit out of hand. With so many visitors to the English Garden walking along the narrow paths, riding the e-scooters is too dangerous for everyone.

Park manager Thomas Köster explicitly points out the park regulations and sees the danger. The risk of accidents is simply too great.

Anyone who still drives through the English Garden with the E-Scouter risks a fine of up to 60 euros.

Please observe the most important rules, which are as follows:

  • The same blood alcohol level rules apply to e-scooters as to cars – 0.5 is the limit.
  • the same rules apply as in the road traffic regulations
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian zones may not be driven on
  • Do not ride in pairs

The Munich police have compiled all the information and rules for e-Scouters on their website.

Tip: E-Scouter tour around the English Garden.

So, e-scouting only around the English Garden, please. However, this can also be very beautiful. There are many quiet side routes as well as lots to discover and places worth seeing. A nice tour is along the Königinstraße north to the Seehaus München.

E-Scouter rental Munich

Here you will find the providers for E-Scouter rental Munich:

Lime from San Francisco, Tier Mobility (cooperation with MVG), Voi Scouters and the provider Circ. MVG has entered into a cooperation with the provider Tier-Mobility. The e-scooters can then soon be booked via the MVGmore app.