Eisbachwelle Munich – Eisbach surfers in the city

At the “Eisbachwelle München” – it is quite astonishing to see people on surfboards in Munich at any time of the day, night or year, the so-called Eisbach surfers.

If you come across any, they are Eisbach surfers on their way to the standing wave!

They sit on their bikes in wetsuits, surfboards clamped under their arms, or awkwardly climb out of their cars on Prinzregentenstraße.

Surfing in Munich?

The standing wave makes it possible.

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An experienced Eisbach surfer in action on the famous Eisbach wave in the English Garden
An experienced Eisbach surfer in action on the famous Eisbach wave

Tip: For refreshments or a cappuccino, the Fräulein Grüneis kiosk is perfect – it’s just a stone’s throw away.

Eisbach surfer in his element at the standing wave in the English Garden
Eisbach surfers in action

The famous wave attracts many tourists

View of the Eisbach surfers in Munich's English Garden from the Eisbach Bridge
View of the Eisbach surfers from the Eisbach bridge
Tourists at the Eisbach wave in Munich's English Garden
Tourists at the Eisbach wave in Munich’s English Garden

In summer and winter alike, crowds of people line the Eisbach bridge and the banks of the stream to watch the surfers ride the world-famous Eisbach wave.

Well-known international surfing stars have also been here.

Eisbach Surfing, Surfer Wave English Garden – this is how it works.

To the left and right of the Eisbach on two ledges, the Eisbach surfers stand in their wetsuits and wait for their predecessor to fall off the board and it’s their turn.

Then comes the jump onto the cold water and the ride on the wave – with sometimes more and sometimes less skill.

It also seems to be great fun to watch, as people stand still for a long time and can hardly tear themselves away from the sight.

Whether in the middle of the night, early in the morning or during the day – it’s always full here.

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More Information

Watch the pros river surfing. But watch out! This is not for beginners.

The emergence of the wave in Munich

The wave has been surfed for around 40 years. Initially there were major concerns and the first surfers were banned from surfing the wave by the police.

Until Munich’s surfers formed an interest group and the mayor at the time, Christian Ude, legalized surfing in 2010.

There are various versions of how the Eisbach wave was created.

Eisbach surfer with surfboard on the bike
Transporting the surfboard by bike

Surfing for beginners on the small wave also known as E2

Riding the wave is demanding, not without danger and there are always accidents.

The creek bed is lined with walls and also takes the surfboard quite a beating.

To ride the big wave, you need to be a professional. Beginners are better off practicing on the small Eisbach wave first.

This is also known as E2 among surfers and is located a little further back in the English Garden.

This can be reached by following the Eisbach for just under a kilometer.

Practice makes perfect

Eisbach Munich - small Eisbach wave E2
Eisbach Munich – small wave E2

The wave is located in the east of the southern part of the English Garden, at the level of Himmelreich/Dianastrasse.

Known to Eisbach surfers as E2 at the Dianabadschwelle.

Surfing is actually not allowed here, but surfers deliberately ignore this.

If you are coming with the board, it is best to take the bike, if you are only coming to watch, you can also walk or take the bus or streetcar 16/36 to the Paradiesstraße stop.

The Munich surfing interest group is ready to talk. (Süddeutsche Zeitung Online on April 14, 2018, Alfred Dürr)

Not every beginner wants to expose themselves to the eyes of the tourists right away and tries to get out on the water there first.

Tip: Beginners can also try out the beginners’ wave on the Isar at the Floßlände in Thalkirchen.

PS: Because the residents there feel disturbed and surfing is actually not allowed, a new wave near Tucherpark is being considered. Floodlights and noise are a problem for residents.

Eisbach surfers – insider sport in Munich

Surfing on the rivers has become a real trend and people are enjoying it more and more, not just on vacation!

Under no circumstances should it be ignored that surfing on the large Eisbach wave or the small wave is only possible for the time being due to public use and the “good will” of the City of Munich.

It is therefore essential that the rules for use are observed!

Info for professionals:

If you really want to go surfing, you can also find out more on the IGSM website (Interessengemeinschaft Surfen in München).

Important and well-known to all surfers: The IGSM e.V. (Interessengemeinschaft Surfen in München) represents the interests of around 2000 surfers in the city.

The interest group is a registered association that takes care of all matters relating to river surfing in Munich.

It campaigns for the preservation of existing waves in the city and the surrounding area, fights for new surf spots, negotiates with the city’s political bodies and supports young people in practicing this sport. Almost a must for every surfer!

Further information: the information page of the Eisbachprofis

Infobox – Eisbachwelle Munich and Eisbach surfers

Address: Eisbachwelle at the English Garden Munich, Prinzregentenstraße 1, 80538 Munich

By subway: Take subway line 4 or line 5 to the Lehel stop. Then continue with streetcar number 36 in the direction of “Effnerplatz”. Get off at the stop Bayerisches Nationalmuseum or Haus der Kunst

Alternatively, take the U4 or U5 or the U3/6 to the subway station “Odeonsplatz”. Then continue with the museum line 100 in the direction of Ostbahnhof. Get off at the “Königinstraße” stop.

By bus: Bus 100 (museum line: Hauptbahnhof Nord-Ostbahnhof) to the stop Königinstraße

Access and parking by car: there is a paid parking lot right next to the Haus der Kunst.

English Garden Munich Map & Plan - Eisbachwelle and surroundings

Map of the English Garden with the Eisbach surf wave

Nearby: The Golden Bar, Kiosk Fräulein Grüneis, Bavarian National Museum

Tip: Where to go after surfing

If you want to take a break from watching, you can enjoy a coffee or an Aperol sprizz in the Golden Bar at the back of the Haus der Kunst.

But be careful, it’s all about the chic Micki alarm.

If you want something nicer and more casual, you can go past the Fräulein Grüneis kiosk.

There is always hot soup, cake and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.